Online Courses

Thriving with Complexity Webinar Series
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Online classes for families with gifted and twice-exceptional members. Topics include self-care, effective advocacy, family dynamics, teens, gifted adults, overexcitabilities, and the hidden gifts of complexity. 
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The Inner Game for Twice-Exceptional Kids
Twice-exceptional kids often struggle with self-acceptance, frustration, anxiety, depression, and other difficult mental and emotional states as a result of the complexity of being bright with challenges. Learn an approach to supporting your children that reduces your anxiety and tools that will help your children have helpful, compassionate, and motivating relationships with themselves.
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Self-Care for Parents of Complex Kids
Complex kids are hard to parent. Without a foundation of self-care, parents burn out. Learn tools you can use quickly, in the heat of the moment, anywhere. Develop custom solutions that fit in your life, with your kid(s) and your personality traits.
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