Support Groups

From SNAFU to Awesomesauce

Online Support Groups

for Parents of Twice-Exceptional Kids

Parenting twice-exceptional kids is a roller coaster, from SNAFU to Awesomesauce and back.

Whether you are stuck in what seems like never-ending chaos or wanting to celebrate a few really good days (or hours) in a row, gathering with people who really get it makes it better.

Group Size: 6-8
USD$75 for 3 months
2 1-hour sessions a month

For Parents, Guardians, and Care-givers

Identification is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents of complex kids. We hold to an expansive definition of complex kids. These kids are hard to label, so we don’t use an official label to define who gets to be a part of our group.

We are talking about intelligent kids with something else going on that gets in the way.

  • They may be identified gifted or not.
  • They may have official learning challenges, mental health issues, or physical issues diagnosed or not.
  • They are quirky, unconventional kids.
  • They may seem to be both older and younger than their chronological ages.
  • They may be able to recite memorized poetry but not read it.
  • They may have control of your computer network but be unable to remember to get dressed.
  • They may be able to do complex abstract math without being able to tell time.

If you are a parent, guardian, or other significant adult care-taker in the life of a kid like this, this is for you.

We, the facilitators, think of you as our people. We all have twice-exceptional kids ourselves. We also have years of study and training. Between us, we are social workers, coaches, authors, and SENG Model Parent Group Facilitators. And above all, we are passionate about using our skills to help other parents of 2e kids thrive.

YOU are the Focus

These support groups are not study groups. Unlike SENG Model Parent Groups, there is no book to read or facilitator-set topic to focus on in a session. The topics of each session will emerge from what is going on in YOUR life.

  • What is your current struggle?
  • What wonderful things have your kids been up to?
  • What about the rest of the group?
  • How can your experience help others?
  • How can their experiences support you?

And in the midst of it all, we will be together in ways that remind you that you are not the only one on this challenging parenting journey.

When do we meet?

We organize groups differently than other organizations do. We know that one of the biggest frustrations parents of 2e kids have is seeing opportunities that only happen at times they cannot make happen. So, we schedule our meetings based on the needs of participants.

Here’s how it works:

You tell us you want to be part of a group and we add you to the “Next Group” list. When there are 6-8 people on that list, we circulate a survey to everyone on the list with a choice of times that we could run a group. The time that allows the most people to participate becomes the meeting time for the next group.

Two facilitators are responsible for each group. This allows for more flexible scheduling as any two of the three of us could be leading any particular group.

Once we find the best time, we ask people to commit to 6 sessions every other week at that time.

You don’t pay for the group until a time you can attend has been chosen.

What about support between meetings?

There is a secret Facebook group for people who are in or have participated in any of these groups.

How to Join a Group?

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