Parents Matter: Self-Care is Not for Other People

Whether they are twice-exceptional, gifted and quirky, or just odd, you know you have a complex kid when the teachers, doctors, and other parents in your life don’t seem to understand your kid and the standard parenting advice or processes aren’t helping you and your family thrive.

Welcome to the tribe. Kate Arms, Jen Merrill, and Chris Wells are committed to supporting parents who are raising bright kids who struggle. We’ve been there, done that, are still in the middle of it, and we want you to know that you are not alone. And you are not a bad parent for feeling exhausted, frustrated, or overwhelmed.

Complex kids are hard to parent.

That’s not an excuse or a rationalization. It’s the truth.

When our kids have medical, physical, emotional, and behavioural challenges, we want to do everything we can to get our kids on track to becoming the best adults they can be. It is hard to focus on loving, fun connections with our kids we know they are struggling, especially when we can see they are bright. When we are sure they would do well in school if we could solve their other challenges for them, we get frustrated.

Without a support system and tools for self-care, parents burn out. Which is why we have made it out mission to support parents of challenging kids.

Whether your kids are formally diagnosed or not, you are in the right place if you know your kids are bright and there is something that is making it hard for them to make the most of it.

You have probably noticed that much the standard advice on self-care takes time and money that are scarce or unpredictable. When kids have meltdowns, you can’t take a week at the beach to recover. You need tools that you can use quickly, in the heat of the moment, anywhere. You need custom solutions that fit in your life, with your kid(s) and your personality traits.

Join our online support group and meet other parents helping each other navigate the journey of parenting twice-exceptional kids.

We are here to help.

Kate, Jen, & Chris